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The slug is perhaps one of the most unlikable creatures on the planet, right? But maybe I can change your mind..

Oozing slime from behind; a sticky, nasty goo that won’t wash off! I pick a long one up and it shrinks to half its length but twice its width, now making its self fat and squat. I feel the movement across my fingers and the glue that sticks my fingers together. It makes me want to vomit! An unwanted guest in the house-heading for the dish of left over cat or dog food kept on the floor.

Photo by CrawfordJolly on Unsplash

Nature knows the times and seasons better than modern man.

I'm a Canal Boat Lifestyle Storyteller and I've been thinking about nature versus modern life. Modern man-and wo-man, (this comes as no surprise to me), are said to owe their heredity to a Neanderthal state of archaic human. Modern man takes shelter in his centrally heated home and only awakens to Spring, when the warming sun first beams in the window and melts the chocolate Easter eggs glued to his children’s sticky hands. (Oh no, I have to take a break now to find some chocolate- back in a minute!)

(Caramel with a hint of sea-salt- gives me the sugar…

'It turned out that Amundsen was not only a much better planner than Scott, but he understood that the pacing was the key to coming back alive.'

'The slow tortoise beat the faster hare because the hare was inconsistent in its pacing. Steady wins.' What a great article! I will definitely implement this in my writing. Thanks for sharing Neera.

An honest and humorous story stretching its knicker elastic across four generations…

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I sometimes stay at my Mum’s house where during the wash cycle we get our underwear mixed up. I return home to encounter in my bag, a somewhat enormous pair of white knickers, much bigger than my usual size 8–10. My husband winces at the sight of me in my mother’s attire, as I giggle and pull them up, well past my waist!

Then, to my amusement, one day I found myself in my mum’s shoes. I stayed at my daughter’s house, where upon my return, I discovered in my small suitcase, an equally and quite opposite, scant pair of…

Jane Elizabeth Firth

True story writer, blogger and author of The Porthole Peeper; a lifestyle blog at elizabethwriter. com. I live on a boat on the beautiful Lancaster canal, UK.

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